Jana Moser

My name is Jana Moser and I support people with enthusiasm in German or English through systemic coaching and positive thinking.

I used to be a lawyer as well as a manager myself, I “worked” often and very well and endured a lot of stress. At some point I realized that this could not have been it.

Little by little I remembered again my communication skills and the joy of communicating with people. After a comprehensive self-study on the law of attraction, positive attitude towards life and presence, I finally did a training as a systemic coach. This has not only brought me a lot personally. I also realized that I have a talent for simply asking others the right questions so that they can find their own solutions to their challenges.

It is very important to me to pass on my experience and knowledge to others. Because I firmly believe that everyone is able to lead a happy, self-determined and relaxed life, including you.



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