Your path to Personal Satisfaction

My name is Jana Moser, a systemic coach from Thuringia, and I am pleased to meet you.

Coaching does not aim to change situations, but to change (one’s own) behaviour in order to get different reactions.*

It is in this spirit that I, as a systemic coach, will guide you in a solution-oriented way to get your challenge under control. It is especially important to me that you yourself recognize how positive thinking influences not only your own patterns of thought and action but also how you evaluate situations. Your attitude also has an effect on other people with whom you have contact and with whom you may have problems at the moment.

No matter whether it is a professional or private matter: I will accompany you as you develop your very own, promising opportunities to react to challenges, conflict situations, or unpleasant behavior of others in such a way that you feel comfortable and happy.

Recognize topics that are currently a problem for you and that you would like to deal with differently.

Because what problems are today were once solutions in the past, which now simply no longer work.*

I will gladly go your way with you to regain self-confidence, confidence, and relaxation and to master this situation.

Just contact me at coaching at We can meet personally. If this is not possible, we can also talk online via video.

But the most important thing is that you take the first step. Then the next ones will be much easier.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Jana Moser

* Sonja Radatz, Beratung ohne Ratschlag, S. 145 und 183.

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